And the sale comes to an end…

24 Aug

Well, thank you to all those folks who came to my garage sale. Big hugs all around.

That said, I didn’t see several people that I thought would show. And from a revenue perspective, this sale was kind of a bust. Don’t get me wrong, I sold a ton. $1000 is no chump change. But compared to the prior sale when the final tally was $1700, it’s a big difference.

So what was different from the last sale? What caused such a big decrease in sales?

Here’s what I can surmise:
1) The Craigslist ad went out too late. I should have posted about 2 weeks in advance so there would have been more exposure. I only posted the day before this time so hardly anyone saw that ad.

2) There was another local knitter destashing 2000 skeins of yarn the same time I was holding my sale. (NE Portland, so a good 20 miles away but still, it’s competition) Seeing as she basically copied my X000 skein destash and the Fri-Sat 10-4PM time, looks like we’ve got a copycat. It didn’t help that she was moving and getting rid of everything for a dollar/skein. Yeah, it could be hideous novelty yarn or scratchy acrylic but a dollar is still a dollar.

3) Timing. The last sale was held on June 25th. This time around it was August 23rd. Maybe people aren’t in the mood to buy wool yarn when it’s 90 degrees outside? Note to self: have the next sale in June

Oh well, that’s ok. Not like I was desperate to get rid of the yarn anyway. (get rid of yarn? gasp! Oh no, I’m simply letting others adopt them from me so they can give them more love. Get rid of…. blasphemy!)

As I mentioned before, my finances are just fine with or without the yarn (thank gawd!) so I don’t have to destash everything like a firesale and sell em for $1 to get quick cash or anything. Speaking of which, I don’t understand these people that are on Ravelry destashing all these expensive handdyed yarns to fix their car/repair their roof/pay for medical bills, etc. Seriously, people. You should not be spending your “rainy day fund” on yarn. Especially $25-30/skein yarn. If you can’t afford it, just don’t buy it. (Reminds of a story about Asian teenagers pimping themselves out to creepy middle aged guys so they could go buy Louis Vuitton bags. Ok, kind of a stretch but….)

Oh look at me, I’m ranting again! LOL

Inventory List Coming Soon…

20 Aug

Yeah, I know. The big inventory list. You have no idea how many people sent me messages asking how much I’m selling certain yarns for because I had all the garage sale yarns marked as “Will Trade or Sell” on Ravelry.

I now have a copy-paste blurb for anyone sending me destash related messages:

I’m only selling these locally for a garage sale I’m having next weekend. (didn’t want to hassle with the packaging/shipping and added cost) Thanks for your interest though!

So, the big question is, what am I selling and for how much? Oh, wouldn’t you like to know? (Me too!)
It’s a big time suck to try to come up with this spreadsheet because I have to make sure I actually have the yarn in my possession (yes, sometimes I can’t find certain yarns regardless of what my Rav stash info says) and adding to the spreadsheet is a pain in the ass because I keep finding more yarns I want to get rid of while digging out my yarn closet.

Man, I’ve got quite the work cut out for me, since I have to go clean my garage so it’s presentable. (I mean, it’s pretty clean, thank goodness, but I need to rearrange stuff so people can walk in and browse around. (I told you I practically have my own yarn shop, didn’t I?)

Oh, and did I mention I have three young children, including a very clingy 14 month old baby? Gah, what have I gotten myself into?!!

At any rate, I will post the spreadsheet soon. I promise!

My Annual Yarn Garage Sale 8/22-8/23/2014

12 Aug

Yeah, baby. It’s on again.

Having skipped last year due to my having a baby, I’ve once again accumulated waaay too much yarn (is there such a thing?)

So here it is, for the third time. My annual 1000+ skein destash. If you’ve been to my sales before, you know what it’s like.

Lots of good yarns at super low prices. I’m destashing all my duplicate magazines for a flat $1/issue so if you’ve been needing some hard copies of Interweave, Vogue Knitting, Knitscene and other big name publications from the last 7 years, drop on by! And I’ve finally accepted that I don’t like knitting with workhorse wools. Goodbye Cascade 220, German sock yarns and similar wool yarns! And of course, for the yarn snobs, I’ve got handdyed stuff set aside too. Madelinetosh, Sanguine Gryphon, Lorna’s Laces, and much more!  I’ve got some new Hiya Hiya and Knitter’s Pride needles in the mix as well. All at 40-75% off retail. (Oh, did I mention there’s no novelty yarns or half used stuff?Everything brand spanking new and all items kept in pristine condition. Non-smoking, no pets, no bugs, no hairs, nada.)

Here’s the knitty gritty ;)


Date:  8/22-8/23 Friday-Saturday
Time:  10AM-4PM
Place: edited for privacy
Payment: Cash or checks accepted


MIA Ravelers Who Mess Up Destashes

22 May

So I’ve been buying a lot of yarn from Ravelry destashes lately and noticed something odd. It’s that one Raveler who has a bunch of a coveted yarn in a gorgeous color marked “Will Trade or Sell” with a really great price and has been favorited by a ton of people.

And before I add it to my fave list or contact the Raveler, you have to wonder, ‘What gives? Why hasn’t this sold yet?’

Well, go click the person’s profile and check their last posting. Chances are they’re MIA. As in, they haven’t been on Ravelry for over 6 months or a whole year. So this person who sets up this impossible price, basically messes up the average selling price because often times, people who’re destashing use Ravelry destash prices as a reference point; not to mention the fact that they’ve wasted your time and disappointed you by giving you a brief, “OMG, I must buy that now!” thrill, just to let you down.

It’s been happening quite often and it’s kinda pissing me off. Why won’t you remove the yarn from the “For Sale or Trade” page even after the damn yarn’s been sold? Are you that lazy that you can’t do a few clicks of the mouse? I’ve seen something similar with folks who’re actually destashing. I’ve sent a PM just to get a reply that says “Oh, lots of people have been asking about that yarn but it’s been sold.” Really? Ok, so I offered a tip:

“Ah, ok. It might help if you marked it as PENDING or SOLD so you don’t get too many PMs asking about the same yarn.”

And their reply? “Well, sorry but I was really busy and didn’t have access to my computer.”

Don’t sound so annoyed, but what do you expect when you don’t change any of the status of the yarns you’re selling? And perhaps this isn’t the best time to be destashing on Ravelry if you’re gonna be busy and away from the computer? This same person left most of the yarn as is (yes, even those skeins that she specifically told me were sold), even after a whole week. Really. Not cool.

Now the other way around when you’re trying to destash. Those weird Ravelers who send you a single sentence PM that reads something like: “Do you still have X yarn?”

Ummm….yes? Do you want to buy it? Trade? Whaddaya want? Of course I send them a reply never to hear back from them again. What was that all about?

Or, how about that Raveler who wants to buy something but strings you along for over a week or two, just to tell you they don’t want it anymore? Gee, thanks.

Without further ado, my tips n tricks for buying from destashes:

  • State clearly what yarns you want to buy/trade (name, color, # of skeins and price)
  • Ask for their Paypal info so you don’t have to send another PM asking about it
  • Send it as Goods and Services so they can print out labels directly from Paypal (postage discount for the seller, which should basically cover the Paypal fee)
  • Send the money as soon as possible and make sure to send them a PM saying you’ve sent the money (sometimes the Paypal email gets buried under piles of junk mail and ads)
  • Make sure to type in what yarn’s you’re paying for and your Ravelry id in the Notes section of your Paypal invoice.
  • Leave a positive feedback in the feedback thread with a magic link to the seller’s id.

That’s it! Shop away! Grow your stash!

Cashmere city

10 Apr

As all lazy craft bloggers do, I slacked. Typical me…

So, what have I been up to lately? Well, I’m busy knitting away on a sample sweater for Shibui Knits (it’s a test knit for the brand) which is due in two weeks and as I hate hate hate deadline knitting, I did my best to get a head start by finishing a chunk of it in the first week. Glad to see I actually changed my procrastinating ways after 15 some years (why didn’t I do this back in high school or college?!) Can’t divulge any more than that so on to the next…


Yep, your yarn hoarding queen is at it again, buying waaaay more than she can knit. What can I say, I’m a yarn hoarder. There’s no denying. And at this point, I can’t even hide the damn things since there’s so much of it.

Let me share my latest “haul” with you. It’s 100% Italian cashmere. And I only paid $45 bucks for 2 whole pounds of the stuff. And I bought 13 pounds of it. Technically 17 because I bought 4 pounds for $100 a piece (1kg) before it went on sale (awww, it hurts just thinking about it) but all in all, I think I came out ok in the end.

Now, you’re wondering ‘why so much?’ Well, they’re industrial knitting cone yarns that are super fine, as in gossamer/cobweb weight, so in order for me to use it as DK weight I needed to hold 8 strands of it together. And I have no patience to wind these things off the cone. 8 strands? Well, I guess I’ll just buy 8 cones. Simple as that. LOL

And now that I’m “stuck” with 8 kgs of cashmere, I best get rid of all those workhorse wools, I abhor. (heirloom knits my ass. I don’t want my knits to outlive me) Goodbye Cascade 220 and all those other “rustic” wools. Once you go cashmere, there’s no going back!


UPDATE 4/11/2014 – Just got a call from the place I bought the cones. Apparently, they oversold and only had 3 cones instead of the 6 I purchased. DAMMIT!!! I knew I should have kept my mouth shut. That’s what I get for blabbing to the world that these cashmere cones existed.

Little Things That Drive Me CRAZY

24 Feb

People, it’s fingering, NOT fingerLING. A knitter at my knitting guild was explaining what she made and she was keep repeating “fingerLING” yarn this and fingerLing” yarn that. I wanted to rip my hair out and shout, “It’s fingering! I-N-G! There’s no L!”

Yeah, just wanted to get that off my chest. (don’t even get me started on the “loose vs lose” misuse. I can go on for hours)

Free for a limited time patterns that kinda suck

14 Jan

Ok, I dunno if you’ve noticed all these “free for a limited time” and “Use coupon code xxxx to download my pattern for free” that are popping up on Ravelry these days but yeah, it’s a new trend.

Most of the “Hot Right Now” list is dominated by these free patterns so if you’re wondering why a certain pattern suddenly has 1000 Favorite hearts, it’s the lure of a free pattern.

And while I totally appreciate these designers and their generosity, I have a growing sense of WTF with some of these so-called patterns and their so-called “designers.”

Case in point: Not too long ago, a certain someone made available a hat pattern that even I could have come up with. (that’s saying something since I can barely knit anything without a pattern, much less come up with one.) Nothing wrong with that except that this certain someone modeled the hat nude, with body parts strategically placed so to cover any genitalia. Of course, the pattern got a gazillion hits and comments and people talking. I mean, c’mon. Can we say all say it together? ATTENTION WHORE! Why a hat pattern needed a nude male model is beyond me but to try to make up what he lacked in the hat pattern by doing something like posting a nude photo of himself wearing it is kinda pathetic.

Case #2: Honestly, some of these patterns that supposedly charge $5 look like dog barf. I mean, really, do you expect anyone to pay money for something that crappy? It’s like these crappy outlet stores that print an exorbitant retail price on a subpar quality product just so they can throw a 75% off sale. “Hey, sucker. You’re getting a great deal here” it says.

I know I shouldn’t complain about something that they’re offering for free but sometimes it just seems like a strategy for self promotion more than generosity and when the product they offer is so subpar, it kinda rubs me the wrong way. But, I do want to add that a fair number of these “free for a limited time” patterns have been wonderful and want to give a big shout out to those talented wonders out there. THANK YA!


Score! 2lb cone of 100% Loro Piana cashmere

7 Jan

Score! 2lb cone of 100% Loro Piana cashmere

Guess who snagged this baby from Ebay?

Hello 2014

4 Jan

Well, well, well. Another year and even less excitement than last year. (is this what happens when you get older or is it me becoming cynical?) I totally missed the countdown and realized it was 2014 at around 12:15am. Yeah, already drank the champagne by 11pm, citing Eastern time (I’m originally from New Jersey, you see)

Since every other media outlet and who-have-you is doing a 2013 recap, here’s mine:

Memorable Yarn/Knitting related events of 2013:

  • I hit the 10,000 skein mark!
  • I had a baby in May! (how is this knitting related? Well, let’s just say I bought a crap ton of pink and pastel purple yarns)
  • I held a Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda donation destash and donated the entire proceeds ($209) to the American Red Cross! (all you lucky ducks who got $13 BMFA STR skeins from me should thank your lucky stars. I paid a lot more than that for those babies!)
  • An entire column of 18 gallons bins fell over in my craft room, creating a hazardous environment to knit it. (I have since reorganized my bins so that my stash won’t kill me)
  • I actually bought quite a bit of 100% acrylic yarns. Yes, on purpose!
  • I got paid to knit (sample knitting for ShibuiKnits and Knit/Purl)
  • I’ve volunteered to become a board member of my local knitting guild (Newsletter Editor)
  • I paid for a downloadable pattern from Ravelry (This is newsworthy because I’m one of the world’s biggest cheapskates and I’d rather cut off my own foot than pay for a $8 pattern. Joji Locatelli, you kill me!)
  • I bought a brand new computer (More Ravelry browsing and tweaking yarn pics!)
  • My Dyakcraft Darn Pretties order is ready! (I got an email on 12/31/2013. Talk about cutting it close!)
  • I didn’t knit anything for X-mas this year. (OMG, total stress relief!)

So yeah, nothing earth shattering but hey, I’m a low key person (or so I’d like to think)

With the new year brings New Year’s Resolutions. And while I normally loathe these “won’t-last-more-than-3-days” lists, a short knitting goal for 2014 aint’ such a bad idea, right?

  1. Have a go at a double knit project, however small that may be (cowl? or even a dish cloth?)
  2. Take a stab at a crochet project that’s more involved than a crochet chain and simple sc/dc
  3. No drunk knitting! (wine/beer + knitting = ripped back rows. NOT FUN)
  4. Finish at least 3 UFO (unfinished objects)
  5. Destash cotton and rough wool yarns (hate this stuff. Why did I buy these again?)
  6. Sell off duplicate needles, needle sets, pattern booklets (seriously, do I need 14 sets of interchangeables? Really?)
  7. More knitting, less buying. (If anyone out there wants to give me a job as a buyer for your store/company, PLEASE hire me. I’ll work for minimum wage and I can guarantee you’ll get the best deals, even lower than wholesale prices)
  8. And last but not least, more frequent posting on this blog.

That doesn’t sound so hard, does it? Wish me luck and see you soon!

Designer Crush

10 Nov

Trendy designers come and go but it’s always hard to watch a once rising star leave the knitting design world altogether. Case in point – Janet Szabo (the Cable queen) and to a lesser extent Eunny Jang (former Interweave Knits editor). It’s one thing to throw in the towel when you’ve half-assed it and didn’t do so well, but these ladies made quite a name for themselves, so when I find out they’ve gone on to bigger and better things, I kind of get bummed out. I know, it’s not personal but it’s like watching a good friend leave.

Sigh…I need to get a life.


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